Digital Technologies for African Agriculture

Digital Technologies for African Agriculture

Digital technologies are tackling Africa’s food challenges including low farm productivity, high transaction costs, limited use of modern inputs, minimal levels of commercialization, climate change, and rural-urban migration. While digital tools have already proven to be effective elsewhere in the world, agricultural technology pioneers in Sub-Saharan Africa face roadblocks to scaling up, as the majority of the continent’s farmland is managed by smallholder farmers.

This is particularly evident in Nigeria where agriculture is the backbone of the economy, while its practice has remained unchanged over millennia. Digital agricultural technologies present an opportunity to leapfrog traditional technologies and redefine how food is produced, processed and marketed, disrupting the status quo across the Nigerian agricultural value chain.

A nation where more than 60% of the working population works in agriculture, and yet still farming mass poverty, in the communities of farmers, certainly needs a redesign. Nigeria must adopt emerging digital technologies to feed its growing population.

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*Adapted from World Bank newsletter.


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