Diploma in Cybersecurity Policy in Facyber

Diploma in Cybersecurity Policy in Facyber

The Diploma in Cybersecurity Policy is a practical-oriented program where learners are tasked with developing solutions for a theoretical or real case cybersecurity policy issue with the guidance of a mentor. For example, it could be helping to develop an organization’s cybersecurity policy or a governance framework. Past Learners have seen their works evolve into their organization’s cybersecurity policy official documents. A project report is required at the end of the program. Has Certificate in Cybersecurity Policy as a prerequisite.

Learners will be guided by an instructor to use the knowledge acquired during the Certificate program to undertake a Capstone (a project) which is expected to last 12 weeks. Learners must write an acceptable report at the end of the project.

Click the prerequisite Certificate program detailed Table of Contents

The cost is $400 including the $100 of the prerequisite certificate program.

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