Donald Trump Impeachment And The Road To Second Trumpism

Donald Trump Impeachment And The Road To Second Trumpism

If you happen to be a part of the voyage during the first Trumpism, you see  how sweeping it was when the RNC (Republican Party establishment) and the mainstream media came after him? You are free to arrive at  any different reasons but the facts were; He won with 304 electoral college far above the 270 electoral college threshold and he won against the wishes of his own party leadership courtesy of the masses. But that was 2016. We are talking about 2020, right? Oh good!!

A lot has changed. Trump’s flaws have been exposed since 2017 but none of those things you consider as Trump’s blunder affects his base. American Protectionist Foreign Policy (America First) has fared well, Millions of jobs have been created. The wall, which endured him much hardliners and voters, is being built.

Trumpeters are comfortable with that. They see no reason to regret voting for him and will do it again when the opportunity comes again.

For the impeachment and accuse of wrongdoing, how the Americans see it varies along the party line. That is normal just as expected. But what was not expected was the unity in Republican Party. In the House of Representatives as witnessed during the impeachment inquiry were the Congressmen and women of Republican Party fought vigorously to nix all the evidence that can hurt Trump in the public eye. The Republican Congressmen and women postured to stop the impeachment but in real tactics was to make President Donald Trump look like a victim, a victim of Congress mob. A President handicapped to fight for himself who needed to be defended. That played out very favourably for the Republicans. For instance, when ever the impeachment hearing is set to take place, President Trump and his campaign team will call for Impeachment defence donations from the supporters. At any of those times, donations have surpassed the target and more people participated. For Trump, that was the indicator he needed to know if #MAGA Nation (Make America Great Again) is still with him. Trump knows that TRUMPETERS are intact. He need not to offend them but he needed them to be offended and he got it. 

#MAGA Nation is offended. They are offended that Democrats dominated House of Representatives has impeached the President not because of obstruction of Congress or any other wrongdoing but because they never accepted him as President. They impeached him because they hate him and this is going to energize #MAGA Nation for revenge come 3rd November 2020. They are going to multiply and in the next few months from now, the term – impeachment effect will be introduced in American political discourse. 

The Senate as we all know, dominated by the Republican Party is next for President Trump’s trial and removal. The trial is almost dead on arrival. Reason.The process of the impeachment inquiry is seen to be unfair. House Intelligence Committee did not provide sufficient evidence to show that President Donald Trump committed high crime for impeachment. The inquiry is seen not to have given Donald Trump a fair hearing. The Democrats minority in the Senate will not have enough evidence to convince the Republican dominated Senate to change their already made up mind to acquit #POTUS and they can’t push the public to prevail on the Republicans to change their course. So, the outcome of the trial is most predictable which to a reasonable conclusion is dead and hence President Donald J. Trump will continue as the 45th President Of The United States(POTUS) 


You won’t understand how controversy works with Donald Trump until you  read “The Art of the Deal” written by Trump. Controversy is a potent , very potent tool in the hands of Donald Trump. He has the mastery of effectively using controversy to his own advantage no matter how negative it appears. Don’t  believe me. Just check out how he maneuvered “grab them by the pussy” destructive video during the heat of 2016 campaign(sorry for the vulgar). In US political history, no republican presidential candidate had walked out of such mess but Trump did. Trump feed fat from controversy and that is where the “STABLE GENIUS” showcases his prowess. In the game of controversy, you can’t beat Trump and that’s one thing that happened in 2016 Democrats didn’t learn from.


Make no mistake, Donald Trump is going to weaponize this impeachment for his political success and it’s going to be messier and dangerous. This is one political tool the Demos wouldn’t have handed over to Trump at this time. The same way “bunch of deplorables” was weaponized against the then Candidate Hillary Clinton, so will this impeachment. 

Donald Trump will Infuriate the #MAGA Nation – the standing army of President Trump and they will turn out to be angry supporters just as was witnessed in 2016 but this time will be more aggressive and even more in number for a few reasons; 

First, because of the success they believed he had achieved as he promised during his campaign in 2016.

Second, because it is perceived that the democrats had predestined to impeach him even before he came to power.

 He will keep reminding them things about this impeachment that they don’t like and he will bring in other controversies that will fuel the anger of the #MAGA Nation and then the rise of another TRUMPISM, a sweeping army of supporters -the second Trumpism that won’t die done till November 2020.


It is always horrible politically in the US, to offend the independent voters. They control the Swing States which ultimately decides who occupy White House. And you don’t get to offend them and walk away without getting the shock of your life be you Democrat or Republican. And this impeachment will  be a big factor in deciding where they will lean. 

 Impeachment in US political history is  a journey of no return.Ones it is started, the many twists in it will be introduced. It’s like a war. You never can tell what the outcome would look like. 

In 1990, 29 years ago. Donald Trump sat down with Glenn Plaskin, a celebrity columnist for Play Boy magazine, the following interview took place:

  • Plaskin: Why do you write your name everywhere, on towers, yachts, planes…?
  • Trump: I am preparing for the show
  • Playboy: What is the show?
  • Trump: The show is Trump. Trump is the show.  Trump Trump everywhere.

29 years later, from 2015 till date…

  • CNN: Trump!!!
  • BBC: Trump!!!
  • Aljazeera: Trump!!!
  • New York Times: Trump!!!
  • Washington Post: Trump!!! 
  • Africa: Trump!
  • Asia: Trump!
  • Europe: Trump!
  • Australia: Trump!
  • South America: Trump! 
  • North America: Trump!
  • All over the world….
  • The show is Trump!!!


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