Eliminate Revenue Leakage, Become Cashless with our TAP technology

Eliminate Revenue Leakage, Become Cashless with our TAP technology

We have added a major feature in TAP (Touch&Pay), a portfolio payment company, which digitizes cash collection, making it possible to have zero revenue leakage. Unlike open payment networks like Verve, Visa and Mastercard, TAP does not require networks because the value (yes, the money) is in the card. As a result of this, we record less than 0.5% transaction failure unlike NIBSS POS anchored payment which needs networks, failing 15% of the time. You can use TAP in places with no GSM or any network. Today, we power some leading banks’ SME businesses. We also manage one of the largest transportation systems in Africa along with clinics, schools, etc.

We are a team of world-class entrepreneurs, financial services technologist, Near Field Communication (NFC), mobile payments & services experts.

Touch and Pay Technologies Limited has set out to build a unique mobile payment and services platform capturing Offline and Online transactions in a seamless way.

With a unique and robust dashboard and reporting backend system, the platform allows a full visibility into transactions performed.

We take organizations completely cashless – Ogbomosho General Hospital, Benson Idahosa University, and many firms are 100% cashless. More so, TAP helps you to run a customer loyalty program more effectively. When the customers come to pay, they simply tap the branded card near our technology. For merchants, this can be a way to reduce robbery or pilfering on cash.

Now, you do not need agents to top your card. Yes, you can load money from your bank account into a card via USSD/ATM.etc. If you have cash and want to load, we have TAP agents that would help you.

Talk to TAP for a card in your brand, and go cashless with full visibility of revenue in 2020. That is how to become revenue-assured with no leakage. And in real time, you can see all the monies collected across your stores.

Tap into TAP and grow. Contact our team here.


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