Engineering for Change: Collaborating for Social Benefits

Engineering for change (E4C) is a dynamic and growing community of engineers, technologists, social scientists, NGOs, local governments and community advocates whose mission is to improve quality of life in communities around the world by facilitating the development of affordable, locally appropriate and sustainable solutions to the most pressing humanitarian challenges. Read more


E4C presently has 4,444, 343 members of which many are in Africa, and growing everyday. I consider it one of the most visionary engineering societies online that is really making impact.  E4C is a joint venture of the IEEEEngineers without Boarders USA, and ASME. Beyond words, their efforts and impact is very evident around the world


The community is divided into a number of areas of interest: water, energy, health, structures, agriculture sanitation and info systems, while also having a library of solutions proffered by members in these areas.


Issues are tackled by creating a challenge or workspace that is posted on the site for members to work on solving. The current challenge is a quest to design a Communication Device to Assist Cognitive/Spastic Children, and a Generating electricity by animal power.



The site also features news from around the world relating the community and development centered engineering innovations, the most recent of which was  the Open Source Ecology project, an open source collection of farming tech resources. The aim of the project is to provide open source hardware for mechanized agriculture like DIY tractors. The founder, Marcin Judowski, who was also featured on TED, is the founder of Open Source Ecology which develops and publishes machine designs.


Projects like this tend to restore Engineering to its original meaning and purpose. Beyond making money, there is a duty to mankind and humanity.


Let us remember that as we build our high-tech industry in Africa.

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