[Exclusive] Mobile Web West Africa 2012 To Hold in Lagos, Mid-March

Tekedia wishes to announces that Mobile Web West Africa 2012 will hold in Lagos in mid-March.  This was communicated in an exclusive email by Andrew Mowbray, Communications Director of  All Amber – the organizer of the Mobile West conferences.


We have received positive reviews that the last one was hugely successful. Among others, it provided a platform to seed the opportunities for mobility business in Nigeria.


Tekedia will be bringing you more updates as they become available.  But why must you attend? Answers…


Mobile Web West Africa is about the single most important technological development in Africa, it’s not an ’emerging’ technology or a ‘contender’ to be the leading, it is the technology.  More people search for information on their mobile than they do on PC’s – that is incredible.  Mobile, and the mobile web and applications, have arrived, they are here – the key question is how this can be harnessed?  That is what this event is about.


Furthermore, this is an event which uses an extremely interactive and innovative roundtable seating format.  You’re not sat in rows,  like students being lectured to and only interacting at breaktimes, instead you’re actively encouraged to engage and do business with your peers.


Finally, you’re going to be part of a delegation who are all attending the event because they want to be part of the development of the mobile web and applications in Africa.  So you’re going to be surrounded by people (in a fantastic 5 star environment) who want to speak to you, they want to interact, to discuss, to progress.


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