Experiences Vary In Nigeria – Modulate Yours and Respect The Cubana Team

Experiences Vary In Nigeria – Modulate Yours and Respect The Cubana Team

Good People, do not use Nigeria’s averages to judge people in our nation (case in point: Obi Cubana and his team). That Nigeria continues to underperform does not mean that everyone feels it that way. I grew up in Ovim, Abia state, and while in primary school, I experienced people returning home with helicopters. In short, there is a Helipad Road in Ovim, close to my alma mater – Secondary Technical School Ovim.

As you drive to it, right now, you will see a new  28-classroom building equipped with computers and robots (see photo). Not shown is the automobile lab, woodwork lab, etc building. What is a secondary school doing with a new 28-classroom when it has dozens already? Men and women have TOUGH LOVE for their community – you want the next generation to be ready to compete in the world.

Until I came to Owerri for FUTO, I did not notice the mess in the nation; village life was great and everything was there. So, as we attack people, do not think that everyone is the same!

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It’s Nigeria that has been slowing some people down, there are those whose speed of thought and execution prowess is way above what Nigeria can handle, so to them, it’s hugely frustrating watching Nigeria’s pitiful crawl to progress.

When did government start building schools or providing electricity infrastructures to communities? Our people built these things and handed them to government, it’s government that is even slow in taking over.

Perhaps the most pragmatic people in Africa can be found in the land of rising sun. My people are never fans of bureaucracy and the inefficiencies it breeds, for them, just state what needs to be done, what it will cost, and when it’s starting; and you see people voting with both their hands and pockets.

A community government works well for our people, this imported governance system has never been effective or close to being efficient, rather it only saps people’s energy, encouraging laziness and mediocrity.

You don’t need government to sponsor scholarships for Igbo communities, just tell your people that their neighbouring community have started doing it, and they will get involved immediately. Schools, markets, health centre, churches, they build them with ease, no stories.



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