Facebook Ad Algorithm Redesigned – Now More Adaptive and Realtime

If you have been using Facebook for posting and messaging, you would have noticed a change in their ad algorithm.  Now, as you type, most times, the ads will be changing based on the content of your post or message. It has become real-time and dynamic. The implication is that it has become more effective.


Try to send a message to someone and just include Brazil, you will notice immediately an ad from Brazilian government bouncing. Try with other sentences; you will observe an immediate change. This may not be live – we observed it 2 pm Nigerian time yesterday. Perhaps they just tested it and might have pulled the plug.


Previously, the ads used to load – of course faster than the browser load rate – before you arrive at the site. Irrespective of your activity, the ads will appear but not intuitive or immediate. Random ads related to your profile and IP will show, but none ever tracked the contents of your present activity.


This is the type that will get Congress to ask some geeks to visit Washington.

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