Facebook Best Days Are Behind It – Google+ Is A Genuine Threat

No matter how you spin it, Facebook made Google+ popular. We are yet to post anything on Goggle+ because we are yet to spend time to figure it out. However, one thing is certain, Google+ was popularized by Facebook CEO when CNN reported that he was top of the list of users with the highest fan base.


Why did he do that? Maybe he wanted to be in the competition, yet, he gave legitimacy that Google plus is a nice tool. The best article we read about Google came at the expense of the Founder of  Facebook.


Tekedia has stated that Facebook is on decline and will lose value in the Second Market. The next three months will confirm that. The number of active users in Facebook will decline. Google+ is a huge diversion and it could basically stop the momentum.


Late last year, a single share of Facebook was at $28.26 in Second Market, valuing it at more than $70 billion. By January, it lost about $2 to become $26.25 per share and then recovered to $27. From Tekedia Intelligence data, the $28.26 was the highest it has attained in its auction.


The peak of Facebook has been passed in terms of the number of active users. This company has a real threat and must re-double to avoid a collapse. We agree that it has 741 million users and can still grow, yet, it cannot remove the excitement that is in Goggle+ in terms of active users.


On Friday, Tekedia removed our Google Buzz button and added Google+. For the final call, on Facebook vs. Google,we are waiting for the structure of the Google+ ad network. If that comes fine, Facebook is gone. The static FB stone-aged ad does not delight anyone.



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