Facyber Diploma in Cybersecurity Management

Facyber Diploma in Cybersecurity Management

First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (facyber) offers diploma programs on Cybersecurity Management.

This is a practical-oriented program where learners are tasked with developing cybersecurity project management capabilities with the guidance of a mentor. Examples include developing cybersecurity implementation frameworks, cybersecurity Center of Excellence charters, cybersecurity management processes, etc. Learners are encouraged to take on projects which will have real impacts in their organizations. A project report is required at the end of the program. Has Certificate in Cybersecurity Management as a prerequisite.

Curriculum: Learners will be guided by an instructor to use the knowledge acquired during the Certificate program to undertake a Capstone (a project) which is expected to last 12 weeks. Learners must write an acceptable report at the end of the project.

Table of Contents: Click the prerequisite Certificate program detailed Table of Contents

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Please Note: If you had already purchased the prerequisite, email us for a code to enable you pay for only Diploma. Click Here . Otherwise, proceed to pay covering the Certificate program prerequisite and the Diploma.


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