FASMICRO Celebrates A Decade As An Intel Technical Partner

FASMICRO Celebrates A Decade As An Intel Technical Partner

A few minutes ago, I signed a major contract with Intel Corporation. At Fasmicro, we are truly honoured that Intel is extending our contract, and providing an opportunity for us to continue to serve our customers. I signed the first one in 2011. Today, we are just two companies in continental Africa that do what we do. We celebrate a decade as an Intel Technical Partner on programmable microprocessors. So, our name remains on the list on Intel website.

I thank our team, especially Engr Ekele Eke, our Engineering Manager, the finest hardware engineer in Africa. We will continue to serve the world of microprocessors and broad electronics. 

My name is NdubuECE EkEkwE and it stands for Electronics Computer Engineering in the department of Electrical Electronics Engineering! (That was how I used to jokingly write my name while in FUTO; I studied EEE with option in ECE).

Fasmicro is always ready to help you with your programmable microprocessor needs. We have access to tools and documents as an Intel Partner that will help you. BUILD with Intel, work with FASMICRO, the electronics people.


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One thought on “FASMICRO Celebrates A Decade As An Intel Technical Partner

  1. Awopetu Emmanuel · Edit

    Good this is coming now. Firstly, congratulations on this, this is a lofty height many wish to attain.

    Secoundly, do you have old instruments you want to discard, I just like many of my course mate want to pushthing their, we havehad own hand on a lot of impressive designs.

    Please, for the first time a reply would be highly appreciated. God bless the team. Keep winning.


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