Fasmicro Graduates Embedded Systems Trainees At Owerri Design & Training Center

Nigeria’s leader in embedded systems design, development and training recently graduated some trainees in its Owerri Design Center which also doubles as a training center. Fasmicro has created a very solid training program that continues to help people looking for new skills in the areas of embedded systems and engineering.


The program is a five-day hands-on embedded systems program designed to impact practical experiences on building with microprocessors and FPGA. Real-life examples on Microchip PIC, Parallax SX and FPGA chips will be taught.


The goal is that after this workshop, participants can develop real life-applications or where applicable, introduce relevant courses in their tertiary institutions.


The program is on-going and new trainees are welcome. In some cases, we need a min for a training to hold. We train on-site and off-site and our dates are flexible.


Payment details are here.


Modules 1 and 2 Outlines

project outlines


The photos are some of the graduates receiving their certificates from one of Fasmicro managers, Engr. Agu Chux. These are some of the research areas we expose our students which they can explore and become experts. We impact skills for real jobs.


  • USB microscope developed with android tablet and a student can observe and send report online to the instructor. Your tablet becomes a display for microscope
  • RFID Android based supermarket inventory control—-using Android tablet to access and monitor inventory
  • Speed monitoring system for road safety——Android tablet interfaced with speed monitoring system
  • Security monitoring system or aid for security personnel—-In which Android tablet will be interfaced with wireless security cameras. This is a surveillance system
  • Fuel or fluid level inventory control —–holding your tablet,you can monitor and control fluid level anywhere in the world
  • Automation and process control —interfacing sensors, relays,speed controllers etc to Android tablet through micro-controller wirelessly
  • Home Automation that controls your electricity and water taps.


Embedded Systems Training Equipment: We have computers, Internet access, FPGA boards, PIC boards, SX48 microprocessors, Demo Boards, CADs for chip design (schematic, layout, verification), programming modules, Android platform, etc – all in-house. Everything you need  (including access to ebooks) to become a master of this field with experts to guide.


With the approval of some of the trainees, we are including their testimonials.


name: Dike Ebubechi D
email: [email protected]
what do you think of FASMICRO – “FASMICRO is a good and must visit training place for every engineering student.”



name: Nwaokolo Ikechukwu Frank
email: [email protected]
What do you think of FASMICRO –  ” builds a good practical foundation in technology”



name: Obiora Valentine Tochukwu
email: [email protected]
What do you think of FASMICRO – ” A very very excellent training centre. helps me in defining a focus path”


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