FASMICRO Celebrates 7 Years of Intel FPGA Partnership

FASMICRO Celebrates 7 Years of Intel FPGA Partnership

In 2011, after a technical presentation in Johannesburg (South Africa), a man called me and told me “You blew me away. What can I do for you?” As he was finishing that sentence, he handed a card.

I simply replied “Can I get Altera Partnership from you”. (He was a Vice President in Altera, a global leader on FPGA, a special type of microprocessors. Intel Corp later acquired the firm for close to $16.7 billion.)

The man asked for my card. I gave him. Few days later, Altera contacted my Fasmicro. Over days, we were appointed Altera Africa partner. Today, there are only two companies in Africa that do what we do for Intel FPGA in Africa: Fasmicro and one South African firm.

Tomorrow is the 7th year of this partnership. My team has been to all parts of Africa helping clients fix frictions in their FPGA businesses. We remain the only certified institution in West Africa and one of the two in continental Africa.

We would continue to support clients as they solve the hardest FPGA problems. Please note that Fasmicro offers 15% discount on all Intel FPGA systems as an authorized partner.

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