Finished Design of Zenvus Engineered to Support Universities

Finished Design of Zenvus Engineered to Support Universities

Last year, I was in the peerless Federal University of Technology Owerri Nigeria (the very best university in Africa; forget the ranking by whoever), some deans and HODs suggested that we find a way to bring current students to our work. The dons are right; we like technical graduates from Nigeria’s federal universities.

I may be biased since I went to FUTO; we hire largely from the federal universities of technology. We like the school curricula where you can enter and get out with three degrees in one. I graduated with Electrical Electronics Engineering with Option in Electronics Computer Engineering. Depending on how you look at it, those are 3 degrees for the work of one. Unlike schools that offer Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Computer Engineering as single degree programs, the way FUTO does it helps its graduates: you can look for work in more places, and you seem to know more things without that over specialization at the bachelor level.

Last week, we design-completed an educational version of Zenvus with APIs structured for research institutions like universities. It is going into production and if all works well, we would then find ways to connect schools. With this education version, students can do a lot including modeling their own crop growth models, examining database and testing new algorithms. It comes with batteries designed for 7 years but guaranteed for 4 years. And it has a satellite module in case there is no GSM or WIFI connectivity in the farms.


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2 thoughts on “Finished Design of Zenvus Engineered to Support Universities

  1. Dear Prof. Ndubuisi,

    I am glad Zenvus for Universities research is coming. I am a researcher student at the University of Johannesburg and would want to log data and compare performance of a control and digestate treated soil. Digestate is the organic fertiliser obtained after the anaerobic digestion of organic waste. It is an organic rich fertiliser, if produced optimally. I am a subscriber to Sanfoka and read your article like a ritual daily.

    I look forward to launch of Zenvus University version.

    Kind Regards


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