Finishing the Mission

Finishing the Mission

They travelled around cities with their Master. They experienced great moments and accomplished great things. They saw miracles – dumb spoke, deaf heard, diseases cured, lame walked, etc. But when the Master was crucified and buried, they were disappointed. The master has left a promise: I will be back. And He could have expected them to be checking where He was buried.

No – they did not bother. They were disappointed because the physical presence of the Master was no more. The travels across cities had ended. And a great Friend was taken. The special people around the Messiah were now hiding. Possibly, going back to fishing may be an option, for some. In the midst of the disappointment, they forgot that promise of I will be back.

But the Master, legendary in His strategies on the Call to Mission had recruited great women as well, for the most important phase of the Mission – receiving and announcing the resurrection. Yes, the men – the disciples – may be down for the events on friday [you cannot blame them], but the women, though in pains, would not just give up, even to anoint the body!

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It’s early in the D-day, the men were not to be found. But the women found the empty tomb and received the eternal message: “He has risen! …But go, tell his disciples and Peter…”

In business, as you build with the C-level executives (the disciples), make sure you consider the contributions which others can bring (here, the women). The message the three women passed from the angel to the disciples remains the heart of the Grace. Imagine if they were not involved – the reunion in Galilee might not have happened. They were not backups to hear “He has risen”– they are women who never give up, no matter the challenge.  That market is hopelessly gone, but they will say “we can still try something new”.

You need a complete team to finish a mission.

Reference: Mark 16:1-8


The Call to Mission

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It wasn’t by mistake that no human is self-sufficient, it was a design to value complementarity; and when neglected – things go awry.

If you are in a board or executive meeting and everyone always agree with your viewpoints, then you need to be really worried, the group could be on its way to damnation. You need one or two persons who do not see or think like you; they are your insurance, a dependable backup!

Most big events and decisions always come down to finer details, which usually escape the gaze of those with ‘big ideas’, you need those who care about the small things as well; they are highly invaluable. Importance is relative, because circumstance changes everything, making it possible for the ‘least’ person in the group to suddenly become the life-wire; do not neglect that.

In some circles, we talk about Authentic Informal Leaders, the real people that communicate company’s vision, making sure that everyone buys in. Real diversity captures all elements, not the type that is a product of political correctness or societal pressure; look deeper, to realise why things work so well in certain places. Any great mission must be a product of all encompassing team attributes.

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Women at work. The value of having the eye and heart of a woman is far beyond the ordinary. Who would have thought the men will be no were to be found? Sometimes the women have a lion heart.

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It’s so inspiring thinking of how we can apply to business, the principles summed up in the live and choice of the greatest leader who ever walked the face of the earth hashtagJesus. It’s so instructive to know that the hashtagWomen held on to the master’s vision and believed it’s fulfilment, when the hashtagMen were unbelieving.


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