First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (Facyber) Now Serving Francophone Africa

First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (Facyber) Now Serving Francophone Africa

Through a strategic partnership with Cameroon-based K10 CASA Consulting, First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (Facyber) is now serving Francophone Africa. This partnership will help Facyber expand its cybersecurity learning solutions to new markets in Africa.

For us, this is a critical relationship as K10 CASA Consulting is local with deep presence in the Francophone Africa markets. K10 CASA will coordinate the enrollment of Learners in the local markets. And when necessary, it will help coordinate cybersecurity and digital forensics seminars/workshops in the markets.


First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (Facyber) is a cybersecurity training, consulting and research company specializing in all areas of cybersecurity including Cybersecurity Policy, Management, Technology, Intelligence and Digital Forensics.

The clientele base covers universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, governments, government labs and agencies, businesses, civil organizations, and individuals. Specifically, the online courses are designed for the needs of learners of any discipline or field (CS, Engineering, Law, Policy, Business, etc) with the components covering policy, management, and technology. Please see complete Facyber curricula here.

The programs are structured thus:

  • Certificate Program (Online 12 weeks)
  • Diploma Program (Online 12 weeks)
  • Nanodegree Program (Live 1 week)


For Further Information please contact:

K10 CASA Consulting Africa

Ancien Immeuble Ringo, Nylon-Bastos

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Phone: +237 697 405 721

[email protected]


Facyber, USA

7429 Lighthouse PT,

Pittsburgh, PA 15221 USA

[email protected]

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