Five Important Things To Do Before Taking a New Job Offer

Five Important Things To Do Before Taking a New Job Offer

It’s easy to bask in the euphoria of getting a new job. After all, we all crave for more money and a chance to grow our career.

Do you want to know the hard part? The regret that comes with not doing enough homework about the new job such that 3 months down the line, you transfer aggression to anyone and everyone because of the wrong choice you made.

Congratulations, you’ve been offered a new job. We are all happy for you. But there are times when you need to know whether it’s a job worth taking. 

Trust me, I’ve been there before.

So, before you kiss your current employer goodbye, here are 5 important things to do to avoid stories that touch:

  1. Pray about it

This may seem a surprise inclusion but it is the most important. We have to always put God first in everything we do.

When that new job offer comes, pray! Ask God for a sign. Ask God to make you choose wisely. If you sincerely do this, one way or the other, you’ll surely know if you should take the job or not. Only a trial will convince you.

But remember, “heaven helps those who help themselves”. This brings us to number 2.

  1. Know your why

Another important decision you should make is to know why you want to leave your current job.

  • Is it the salary? 
  • Is it the opportunities or lack of it? 
  • Is it your boss? 
  • Is a colleague sexually harassing you? 
  • Is it the distance to work or lack of motivation?

There are numerous reasons to make you leave your current job but one thing you should be sure of is knowing if you’ll get what you are looking for in the new job.

I once left a N60,000 job in Lagos for a N10,000 job in Ibadan. You may think I made a stupid decision but trust me, it was the best decision of my entire career.

I wasn’t fulfilled working as a customer assistant at a laundromat. I had already taken a few courses and certifications in Digital Marketing so when the opportunity to work as an intern came, I grabbed it with both hands.

The 2 months I spent there were tough because I had to live on borrowed cash. But the experience was valuable and its part of the reason I now work at one of the biggest digital agencies in Nigeria.

My reason for leaving the job in Lagos? Fulfillment. What’s yours?

  1. Research the new company

The mistake I made before leaving was I didn’t do enough research. Not that it matters now anyway. I was so eager to go even against my family’s wishes. 

To avoid the same fate, ensure you do a comprehensive research about the company you got the job offer. Find out important things like:

  • What is the company culture like?
  • Is there an opportunity to learn and grow?
  • Is there career growth?
  • On average, how long do employees stay at the company?
  • What are other benefits like Health Insurance and Pension?
  • What are the working hours?
  • Is there work during weekends?

Getting relevant answers to the above questions will help make your decision easier. If reaching out to full time staff of the new company proves difficult, you can reach out to the interns or IT staff. LinkedIn is a great place to start.

  1. Speak to your current boss

Let’s be honest, many of us are so focused on the money this new job is offering, we forget to take other things into consideration.

If you have a good rapport with your boss, you can speak to him about your current role. Maybe you want your tasks reduced or you need a pay rise. 

If there is no much difference between where you are currently and the new place, then talking to your boss may be the best option. 

After all, no boss would want to lose one of their best employees

  1. Read Your Offer Letter Thoroughly

It’s not advisable to leave your current job if you’ve not gotten an offer letter from the new job.

I recently read a story of a lady that resigned from her job without getting an offer letter only to realize the salary and working conditions weren’t as discussed.

No one would like to be in such a situation. Now when you do get the offer letter, read it as if your life depends on it. Don’t be in a rush to sign the dotted lines.

If you can, get a lawyer to help you read through. This is because you wouldn’t want a situation whereby a clause in the contract prevents you from doing certain things. By the time you realize, you’ll already be fighting a losing battle.

Getting a new job is usually great. The feeling that someone else wants you, the chance to work in a different environment, meet new people and take on more challenging tasks.

However, if you don’t do proper research before taking on a new role, that feeling will disappear quicker than you know it.

If you have carefully and thoroughly considered your options and see this as the best line of action, by all means, go for it!

You have my blessings.

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