Five Reasons Why You Need A Tablet in Nigeria. Your Mobility Workspace Assured

If you have not known this – know it now. Laptop has leapfrogged desktop as the preferred computing device. More laptops are being shipped than desktops. And laptop is under siege from tablet. Since Google got into the game and democratized the process through Android, all kinds of tablets have been arriving into Nigeria.



Meanwhile, Fasmicro, our parent company is a leader/trainer in Android Apps development in Nigeria, in case your company needs professional business Apps. It has done assignments for NASENI and received top recommendation.



The following are some reasons why you need a tablet in Nigeria:



Portability: It is easy to move around and not as heavy as laptop.



Work ready:  While firing up a laptop could appear rude during a conversation, using your tablet may not be very obstructive.



Electricity: It can work for hours – 8 hours in some cases. You cannot get that in laptop. That means when you charge the machine, a day of work is secured even when NEPA strikes. Of course the power can drop if you use it more. Nevertheless, it is more than 2X efficient in power management.



Simplification: With tablets like Ovim that has phone features, you have eliminated the need for phone and laptop. That is progress. One device for two!



Market of ideas: Tablets connect you to the world of Apps market – a free haven of ideas. There are many free ones to get your business going.

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