Tekedia Mini-MBA: Flash Cases for Week 2 Released

Tekedia Mini-MBA: Flash Cases for Week 2 Released

When I conceived the idea to provide a platform to co-learn and co-share, I was confident that the best learning would come from the community. The faculty would simply stimulate a conversation and the professionals would do what they do daily. With dozens of comments in our Discussion Board, that seems to be it. We have four months to go. Yet, the impact from the community is already evident. A comment on the Board: “With less than a week in class I am very happy with the decision to join the Tekedia community. I am working on two different (Start up) Business Models. The videos and comments are shaping the ideas and models in a way that I am proud of. I am sure the end result will be a combination of efforts by the great insights from this community. Keeping fingers crossed as I continue with the development.Thank you Prof and the entire community.”

More so, from feedback, we are releasing the companies we have chosen for Week 2 Flash Cases ahead. I understand many want to study these companies well ahead to be ready for the materials. Next week, we will study Jevinik, OPay, MKopa Solar, Tinder, Airbnb and PhonePe in a session titled “The Grand Playbook of Business”.

You can still join us on this self-paced 4-month web program here; everything is recorded and archived.



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  1. Reviewing the material from week 1 of first session has been refreshing and stimulating to innovate for the startup clients I am working for.


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