Flash Cases for Week 3 – Tekedia Mini-MBA

Flash Cases for Week 3 – Tekedia Mini-MBA

It took the Dow, a U.S. stock index, more than 70 years to hit 1,000 points but it took it just three years to move from 20,000 to 29,000. We’re in the innovation age – the Cambrian moment of exponential value creation – where combining and recombining technology systems are changing the ordinances in markets. Underneath these redesigns are new business models which have been made possible by new technology paradigms. Next week, in the ongoing Tekedia Mini-MBA, we will discuss evolving business models, digital frameworks & strategies, and positioning Strategies under “The Great Modern Business Models”. These six companies will be used in our Flash Cases: Samsung, Farmcrowdy, Amazon, Cars45, Safeboda, and Intuit (TurboxTax).


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4 thoughts on “Flash Cases for Week 3 – Tekedia Mini-MBA

  1. Acceleration and velocity, the new currency for digital businesses.

    When people complain about how hard or difficult a thing is, you need to question whether they apply analogue thinking in the digital space; it’s still prevalent in many cases. Why spend six months on what can be finished within two weeks? Just to make it look complex or lack of awareness, perhaps.

    Some organisations are busy acquiring new toys, in the name of digitisation, yet no clear effort to rewire the humans there to think digitally; so you see gadgets everywhere, while the quality of output and response remain at snail pace.

    That it took your forefathers decades to make $100 doesn’t mean you do same, you can cut the decades to two hours; that’s what exponential growth is about!


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