Flock Browser Goes from .com to .gone – When Google Is on Pulpit, All Bows

Today, Flock Browser went .gone. This was one of those dreamers that wanted to challenge Google or perhaps Microsoft on browser. Unfortunately, they crashed.  Now, they are recommending Google Chrome and Firefox. I think Chrome capability will make them to not become a viable alternative in the industry. They made the right decision and left.

This is from Wikipedia :

Flock was a web browser that specialized in providing social networking and Web 2.0 facilities built into its user interface. Earlier versions of Flock used the Gecko HTML rendering engine by Mozilla. Version 2.6.2, released in July 2010, was the last version based on Mozilla Starting with version 3, Flock is based on Chromium and so uses the WebKit rendering engine. Flock is available as a free download, and supports Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms (previously also Linux).

Support for Flock was discontinued in April 2011.“Official End of Support Notice”.


Their final words….


Support for Flock browsers will be discontinued as of April 26th, 2011. We would like to thank our loyal users around the world for their support, and we encourage the Flock community to migrate in the coming weeks to one of the recommended web browsers listed below.


Our Recommendations

Since no further security updates will be provided to keep you safe on the web, we encourage all Flock users to upgrade to one of the two browsers listed below. Both are based on the same reliable technologies as Flock, and both are being actively maintained and improved. Also, each of the following browsers has a broad selection of add-ons and extensions to customize and extend their capabilities.


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