Focusing On What Matters

Focusing On What Matters

Over the years, the singular issue that confronts most young people is “how do I get out of the meanness of the circumstances of my birth to achieve greater milestone, greater happiness, more contribution to humanity, fulfilment.”

If we’re sincere to ourselves, we’ll agree that this is the central reality that underpin our daily efforts as youths.

I do believe that we as young  individuals can really do something to make life worth living and fulfilling, not just only for ourselves, but also for those around us.  And I believe that there are no quick fixes to building a solid foundation that supports our progressive advance in life and works.

The surest way through which we can improve our lots, if we’re serious about the milestone we seek to attain in our lifetime, is to develop undying appetite for the following:

  • • Consistent Discovering of our knowledge and skill gaps, that needs filling, as we move along;
  • • Persistent learning, through books, other publications, seminars, from colleagues, mentors, great leaders and role models… to close those gaps;
  • • Undying commitment to actually taking reasonable actions.

It’s important to remind ourselves  that not every deed  we do  along the way, that may produce the target we’d hoped to attain by doing those deeds. But every step we take certainly take us a little away from our challenges. And every step we take can help us to see what we can do next.

However, If we know so much and we don’t border to apply them, there will be just no way to actually figure out what works. It’s through ‘doing’ that we get to know what does or doesn’t work. It’s through actions that we get to grow.

If it’s taking years to figure out how you can get past your present life dilemma, you must remember that it actually takes a lifetime to get past the cares of life.

Thanks to Ms. Hyacinth who said “… A four year degree earned after seven years, is still a degree…”

This should make us focus on solving our problems instead of counting how long it’s taking to get done, the things that make our lives better.

The priority should be, at first, to start. As we grow, we’ll have the need, and necessarily take steps, to becoming more efficient at what we do.

I’m a young man. I live in the reality of the challenges of youths. I believe in the potentials of youths.

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