Forget Engineering, Be A Lawyer. Lawyers Seat On The Keg Of Money The Engineers Create

“All those damn-fool engineers and doctors trying to make people healthier. They should have gone to law school” Forbes Magazine, May 24, 2010


The engineers build devices and lawyers make damm good money out of these ideas by creating jobs for themselves. You get a situation where lawyers earn 5X the salaries of PhD engineers that create the ideas just to protect the ideas. Why not? They go to different schools before they can practice while a dropout can qualify as an engineer. Everyone is an engineer!


Have you ever heard of an Attorney General that is not a law school graduate? Not possible as in Africa we have all Ministers of Justice as lawyers. But for technical jobs? Forget it, a trained linguist can be a Minister of Science and Technology.


So they have created a big barrier of entry. The same happens in medicine. That makes me smile when people complain why kids hate maths and science. It does not pay that much. Lawyers seat on the keg of money the engineers create.


Enjoy this report from Forbes. Read at Forbes Magazine

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