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$150 billion for US Startups in H1 2021

That's how much money was invested in U.S. startups in the first half of 2021, representing more than what was raised in every year before 2020, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing a PitchBook report. Hedge funds, pensions and sovereign-wealth groups were some of the most active investors in the six-month stretch, helping to fund some 42% of startup financing deals (Fortune).

Big money-management firms expanded their dominance in Silicon Valley last quarter, crowding out venture capitalists in a once-niche business and putting 2021 on pace to nearly double last year’s record in startup financing.

Hedge funds, mutual funds, pensions, sovereign-wealth groups and other so-called nontraditional venture investors were more active in the second quarter than in any previous period, according to research firm PitchBook Data Inc. These firms participated in 42% of startup financing deals, and those deals accounted for more than three-quarters of the invested capital, according to Pitchbook.

Growth post-pandemic would be great, so, the only way to enjoy it's juice is to actively follow and finance things that have potentials. Sekena!