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A rejoinder to my piece on coal and why Africa must own its energy future

RE: Europe Returns to Coal and Lessons for Africa

A rejoinder to my piece on coal and why Africa must own its energy future since Europe,  which was postulating on closing coal plants, is now opening them, as the region battles energy paralysis, arising out of the war in Ukraine. My comment:

"Nice perspective Chris. Thanks for this piece. Sure, I still believe in energy transition and also believe that the energy investment into the deep future will not be carbon-based but electron-based. Nonetheless, that transition has to be pragmatic and nuanced.

"On Dangote Refinery de-marketing, you make me feel like people read me here. I am just a village guy from Abia and have no capacity to shape any opinion on the largest private investment in modern Nigeria.

"That said, I hope Dangote Refinery pays attention to those postulations: Nigeria will not decide when they [Ford, Toyota, Honda, etc] will stop producing petrol-powered cars. If those makers decide to fade petrol-cars, Nigeria, being a non-maker of cars, cannot change the outcome since we are not a big market for new cars. Every refinery investment must work out those numbers."

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Please click and read the rejoinder. It is a nice one.