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Amazon has about 168 million individual Prime members

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At an average of $100 per year, the 168 million Amazon Prime members will generate about $17 billion yearly which is enough to finance many programs to keep members hooked. That is an amazing business powered by Amazon’s one oasis of the ecommerce business.

A new report estimates that Amazon Prime membership in the U.S. has "essentially stopped growing," Insider reports, citing data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Amazon has about 168 million individual Prime members after shedding 2 million in 2022, CIRP says, marking the first time its data showed the subscription program didn't grow in the U.S. The finding raises questions about whether Amazon's big investments in Prime streaming, including a Thursday Night Football deal with the NFL, are driving business, Insider notes. CIRP's research "is not accurate," Amazon told Insider in a statement. "Prime membership continues to grow as the value members receive continues to increase."