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Amazon's Advertising Business

I was on Amazon today working on gifting items when I noticed something: Amazon now runs a serious advertising business. And there are many companies putting money in that ecosystem. If companies think that advertising on Amazon is a better deal than promoting their websites on Google, it simply means that Google has a major problem in its hands.

Facebook has walled off the partying and events communities, and if Amazon takes care of the merchandise, I do not know what will remain for Google. Yes, we put adverts for two major things: events and products. If Google becomes a second-platform for both, there is a problem for Larry Page and his lieutenants in Alphabet, the parent to Google.

This may explain why Google is not showing friendly handshake to Amazon these days. Amazon is not just attacking  Google, it is going to the heart of its business which is advertisement. As Sun Tzu put it in The Art of War: you must defend your flanks to win. Indeed, Google has a war to fight.

These corporations are not smiling, it's more or less like what happens in wars, where killing your enemy is not enough, you have to also burn down his house. Amazon is there to finish off Google, while Google is scheming to dislocate Amazon. These fights among the tech giants are not for the faint-hearted, but you don't need tanks and warplanes to win; superior intelligence and unrivalled innovative solutions are what will turn the 'cities' to 'deserts'.

Amazon has a nice business concept to collect ads profit while they take over retail as we know it. But I wonder if Amazon can truly beat Google. Google has Youtube where customers watch reviews on these products which Amazon sponsors. Google does a lot of data every single search per second and have created a lot of products to harness that. At the end, the one with the best data will win.

Great points. There could be collaborations there: Amazon does sponsor adverts on Google ecosystems. But if I have items to sell and sell on Amazon, it may make sense to promote it on Amazon instead of doing so on Google. There is a small risk to Google in the whole thing. So, it has to respond.