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Android will rule vehicle infotainment

Android is going to win the vehicle infotainment because car companies will like to use a platform where many global customers are using. The mere fact they can modify Android to suit their design needs is a huge advantage. Apple's iOS will lag on adoption since Apple has kept the software largely exclusive to itself - no one can modify it unlike Android which is an open source solution. With Android, you build for the world. With iOS, you build for the rich world only, and that is a problem. This is the reason why companies like Renault -Nissan-Mitsubishi have chosen Android to improve their infotainment systems.

Google  will partner with Renault -Nissan-Mitsubishi, the largest auto alliance in the world by vehicle sales, to put Android-based infotainment systems into millions of cars, the companies told Wall Street Journal. The alliance’s next-generation infotainment system and dashboard displays will use Android and launch in 2021.

Drivers will be able to access Google’s maps, app store and voice assistant from their vehicle’s dashboards. The new partnership is a giant step forward for Google’s ambitions to get its operating system into more cars (the alliance sold a combined 5.5 million vehicles in the first half of this year, putting it ahead of Volkswagen and Toyota Motor).