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The Apple China's Fierce Competition

iphone china sales fall plummet smartphone

iPhone shipments to China plummeted 35% year-on-year in November, marking a second month of double-digit decline for the popular Apple product, in spite of significant discounts on the new iPhone 11 for Chinese consumers. Apple faces fierce competition from Chinese smartphone makers—it ranks fifth in market share in China, after four domestic brands, with Huawei at the lead. iPhone shipments to China fell 28% YoY in the third quarter while Huawei's rose 66% for the same period. (Fortune)

Details: Total iPhone shipments in China in the September-November period dropped 7.4%, said Credit Suisse analyst Matthew Cabral in the report, citing data from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  • Total iPhone shipments in China are down 7.4% year on year in the period from September—when iPhone 11 hit the market—through November, according to the report.

  • The analyst also said Apple expects more tariffs imposed on its products sold in the US if the 15% tariffs on billions in Chinese-made goods come into effect on Dec. 15.

  • However, Apple could avert the duties after US President Donald Trump signed off on an initial trade agreement with China on Thursday, according to Bloomberg.


Update: But while Apple struggles in China, Huawei is rising in UK:

The British government will reportedly allow Huawei to participate in the country's 5G network, albeit with a cap on its market share that's intended to stop the network becoming over-reliant on the contentious Chinese giant. If the U.K. does give Huawei the green light, the move will annoy the Americans, who have been lobbying hard for an outright rejection (FT, Fortune)