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Apple is better and Apple wins

Apple's Fiscal Third-Quarter Earnings Beat Expectations - Tekedia

"iPhones have finally surpassed Android devices as the most popular smartphone in the United States. According to second-quarter data from Counterpoint Research, more than 50% of smartphone users in the U.S. have iPhones, the Apple device's highest share since its inception in 2007. Apple is more popular outside the U.S., too: iPhones claim 57% of the global smartphone market share, reports Counterpoint; Samsung, which uses Google's operating system, and other brands made up the other 43%", reports LinkedIn News.

I am using Apple products, and I am satisfied with the quality!

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I personally think they have the same quality, don't you think?

however, they don't have noticeable development in recent years

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That is not surprising news. I have predicted the success of Apple with the products they release in the market.



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Indeed, Apple has quality