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[Apply] Brand Manager in FMCG

A high profile luxury goods FMCG requires a brand manager. Key requirements include:

1. Have a minimum of 4 years’ experience in fashion/Retail Business in Nigeria, overseas or both,
2. Has experience in Brand Development/marketing, has the requisite skills to forecast Fiscal Year Sales, receipt, markdown, transfer, and inventory turn plans for our brand/ business.
3. Maintain all fiscal year sales, markdown, receipt, transfer, gross/net margin and overall business performance.
4. High focus on Bottom-line, Cost Control, KPI Matrix that drives the business forward.
5. Establish strategies based on corporate direction and monitor the environment in relation to the Fastforward strategy.
6. Attending periodic meetings, providing our Brands Principals with information about our competitor, current trends and market dynamics and changes.
7. Must have experienced in stock and peoples management,
8. Must have basic computer knowledge including ( good knowledge and use of excel programme)
9. And any other leadership quality.

Send applications to recruitment@tybitx.com