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Babies World NFTs going Mainstream on the Blockchain


In a world where babies ruled, filled with love and laughter for centuries, there came a time of terror when the angel of destruction and pain unleashed evil in the babies world to destroy babies laughter and cause chaos.

The babies world is made up of six great kingdoms whose strength are built in unity. kingdom of HAK ruled by King Koric, Kingdom of CRAFT ruled by King Ombe, Kingdom SOBO ruled by King Saro, Kingdom of SAL ruled King Molak, Kingdom of EBORON ruled by King Luca and Kingdom of ITAMUZ ruled by King Muka.

The babies world was a world of magic, beauty and laughter until the dark angel of destruction aroused to cause pain and agony in the world of babies. To achieve this he planted greed in the heart of King Muka, promising to give the entire babies world to him if he helps him conquer the other kingdoms.

The selfish King Muka agreed to this and planned to lure the other Kings and their princes to the Ooki (the arena of justice) for them to be slain. This would have gone according to his plan if not for his daughter princess Sarima who overheard him plotting with his commander.

She could not allow this to happen, she is in love with Prince Luz of the HAK Kingdom, she to tried inform him but it was almost too late, they were already gathered in Ooki. Immediately she got there and informed Prince Luz, the massacre started, it was a fierce battle, the dark angel and his army and king Muka unleashed great evil on the babies world. The other Kings and Princes escape with the help of the Goddess of unity. They were urged by the goddess of unity to fight and recovery their kingdoms and save their people from slavery.


The Babies World team is made up of young motivated Nigerians with like minds driven by common purpose to make a difference in the Crypto and NFT space, after months of constant inputs on this project we are happy minting is going Live on the Blockchain on 15th, November, 2021, time: 20 UTC (8pm BST).

Due to the unstable nature of Ethereum Gas fees and the fact that Babies world team have the interest of our community at heart, we have decided to migrate the babies world NFT project to Polygon Mainnet.

Note: following our roadmap we’ll releasing our decentralized tokens after 60% sales which will be airdropped weekly to every holders of Babies World NFT for the first two months of it’s release.


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