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Big Tech Is Going To Change

Why Google Investors Should Celebrate US Government Lawsuit Against Google - Tekedia

Changes are coming to Big Tech in America and those changes will affect everything you do in tech: "Under lawmakers' proposed bipartisan antitrust reforms, Big Tech could be forced to change how it does business. If passed, the bills would make it more difficult for them to complete mergers and would prohibit them from owning businesses seen as "clear conflicts of interest" — a move to curb market dominance. Chamber of Progress CEO Adam Kovacevich argues that under the proposals, Apple would have to modify the App Store, Amazon couldn't offer free Prime shipping for some products, Google wouldn't be able to provide the most popular business search results and Facebook couldn't allow easy cross-posting to Instagram."

Yet, any change will not likely affect the purses for the CEOs: "It’s official. As workers were praised for their efforts amid the pandemic, executives pulled further away in terms of compensation. A survey of the 200 highest-paid CEOs at public companies by data firm Equilar shows them receiving 274 times as much as the median employee in 2020, up from 245 times in the prior year. And CEO pay surged 14.1% last year, while the median worker saw a 1.9% raise. One culprit, writes The New York Times, is a "pay for performance" culture linking CEO compensation to a company’s stock price in what was a record year for investors."