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The Cambrian Moment Is Here

For those interested in the broad logistics sector in Africa, I have a piece coming out early next month in Harvard Business Review. The piece breaks all elements in the sector, explaining how emerging technologies are redesigning markets through pieces of codes. The world of commerce is supply chain and digital logistics startups in this evolving Cambrian moment are on missions to reduce frictions and improve productivity gains.

We saw what happened with Nigeria general elections – logistics disappointed a nation of about 190 million people. Just as without microprocessors (from Intel, QUALCOMM, etc), there will not be Google and Facebook; without logistics, there is no commerce and industry.

As a Board member of one of the most exciting logistics companies in Africa (Kobo360), I have come to see that to make businesses run more efficiently in Africa, we must pay attention to logistics. From Tuma Logistics (Zimbabwe) to Copia (Kenya), the sector looks super-exciting. My piece breaks everything down.

The Cambrian moment is here.