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China's War On Digital Tech

The Challenge for Africa's Ride Hailing Startups As China's Didi Chuxing  Arrives South Africa - Tekedia

This is simply unimaginable how China is messing up the digital techs therein, Fortune newsletter explains: "China continues its crackdown on the country’s big tech companies, this time with government regulators ordering companies with online platforms like food delivery services to ensure better protections for workers, the South China Morning Post reported. Under the new mandates, Chinese tech companies must ensure that “food delivery riders earn above the country’s minimum wage, that riders be freed from unreasonable demands placed upon them by algorithms, and that these workers have access to social security and a place in a union,” the report said."

China moves to protect food delivery drivers from digital exploitation, knocking stocks such as services giant Meituan. The policy guidelines come as China ramps up a campaign to rein in Big Tech, forcing the sector to put greater emphasis on consumer and worker rights. The guidelines are designed to protect basic labour rights for riders, including a base income, work safety, food safety, a decent working environment