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Coca Cola finding new markets via ecomemrce

The Cola Battle In Nigeria - Pop Cola vs Coca Cola On Trademarks - Tekedia

Coca Cola finding new markets via ecomemrce:

“Over the past year, Coca-Cola Nigeria established partnerships with e-Commerce platforms, such as Jumia and Konga, to sell its products to consumers. However, while there has been good growth through this channel, it is coming from a significantly low base. The company reported that e-Commerce sales are in the single digits when compared to sales through existing retail sales channels. While still a niche offering in the country, the shift in Nigerian consumers’ purchasing patterns amid the Covid-19 pandemic will enable Coca-Cola to increase its e-commerce sales through the ‘direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel over the coming years. We believe that this presents a significant opportunity for the company to diversify its route-to-market strategy while growing sales,” Fitch Solutions