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Crypto Crash; What Smart Investors Do

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The Cryptocurrency space witnessed a massive decline in value over the last three days, Bitcoin price which is the leading crypto asset dropped below 20% dragging other prominent digital assets down-line.

As investors, it is worthy to note that investment isn't one off traffic, there are room for gains and losses, it makes sense if your wins outshine your lost, Crypto Investment is not about UPONLY, on fundamental analysis, there is room for retracement leading to break out which form hash for uptrend candle thereby leading to increase in price.

My candid advice to Crypto investors is to Derisk your portfolio to stable assets like USDT or BUSD. Derisking doesn’t mean closing down your entire portfolio, it means reducing your exposure at least 50% in tether (USDT or BUSD).

Same way the market didn't go up in a straight line, it won’t go down in a straight line either. There will be recoveries on strong projects with utility, Watch out for the ones that recovers fast, that’s where Market Volume is driving at. Take profits as it recovers.

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NB; Stop loss is your friend, even in Spot holdings.



I think that many people kept half of their investments in stable coins such as USDT and BUSD, but this does not negate that bitcoin has fallen almost threefold. Even if you kept half of your money in bitcoin, this is a major failure, in my opinion. I say this as someone who keeps half his money in bitcoin... However, I believe that someday bitcoin will rise in price again because now many people are buying it as an investment in the future (I think they've made the same prediction I've made). By the way, if memory serves, a similar question was discussed on this site -- investorjunkie.com, where, in general, articles on investing properly are often published.

Indeed, BTC moves all the columns of coins, affecting everything since most alt coins margin trades are secured with BTC