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Elon Musk Is Back on Bitcoin

bitcoin – Tekedia

The conversation happened and Bitcoin added an additional $2,000 to close above $32,000: 'Elon Musk did Bitcoin a favor again by noting a "positive trend" in the use of clean energy for Bitcoin mining, and suggesting that Tesla might start accepting the cryptocurrency as payment for its cars again. He also said SpaceX owns some Bitcoin, and that he personally owns Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Having fallen below the $30,000 mark earlier this week, Bitcoin's bounced back on his words and is now north of $32,000.'

If Elon was a Nigerian, many would never trust him again. But as we can see white supremacy is at work again. A Nigeria writes and may take shelter, a white writes, and all follow!

Understand humans and you would rise.

By the way, it is not the coin that is rising, it's thinking that is taking a dip!

For me, Manufacturer holds the key to change the fabric of society- God bless MAN.