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FFK Conversation with Channels

In business, great companies set strategic corporate objectives. To execute them, they deploy arsenals of resources, combining and recombining factors of production, to create products and services. In politics, men and women set strategic personal objectives. And they deploy tools to achieve them. In  2023, young people in Nigeria, do NOT allow yourself to be a thug-tool thinking you are fighting for a mission.

FFK going to APC is a great WIN for the party. He is a great communicator and he has followers. PDP is fading daily and this does not help.

Next defection please….and a trip to Aso Rock.

Watch the video here.

"He is a great communicator"-True.

Much earlier today, I spent good time listening to him and I was swept off my feet on his great usage of grammer, and most importantly his persuasive manner. Although he is deceitful, yet, he speaks with firmness. A Steve Jobs of Politics.

Looking at Apple's valuation, you can better understand what happen when humans are mentally chained to your product, not even an oil company has that effect.

Although, we are businessmen, having this little cap called political junkie create the need we look at FFK ways from a business perspective. It one thing to have great products it another to sell. If you cannot master words, then you cannot rake in sales!

Sincerity, although is one greatest asset it now means little in this current world, most especially in politics. And beyond any contradiction politics run things, so, knowing this and have prudence to handle matters is a leverage.

There is always market when there are fools!

Good afternoon.