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Future Jobs, Race and AI

The future of jobs and how jobs will play out for different races as a result of AI - "Given that African American workers face a significant amount of risk from the rise of automated technologies in the workplace—and in an effort to identify the most targeted and effective interventions—we analyzed a range of relevant factors including occupations that are most at risk from automation, job growth, and decline in various regions of the United States, and the disproportionate impacts of automation on African American subpopulations."

Consulting firm McKinsey released a study this week about the future of work in Black America and found that African Americans could lose thousands of more jobs proportionally than white workers by 2030 due to automation. The study’s authors calculated the job displacement rate for the white population as 22.4% while the African American population had a potential displacement rate of 23.1%. Although the percentage difference is small, African American workers lose 132,000 more jobs than if they had the same displacement rate as white workers (Fortune newsletter)

Observed by Fortune newsletter, one reason is that African Americans “are often overrepresented in the ‘support roles’ that are most likely to be affected by automation, such as truck drivers, food service workers, and office clerks.”