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Google is milking it with its new search design

Google is milking it with its new search design. The latest redesign by Google of its search results page makes it harder to tell the difference between organic results and paid advertising. And that seems to be making money as planned: Click rates on ads in the results page have increased since the tweaks, which added similarly sized icons to both kinds of results, Fortune notes.

Users of Google search on desktops may have noticed a slight change over the last week and that change is affecting what they perceive as an ad. This represents a further blurring of the lines between ads and organic sources in search.

Beginning Jan. 13, Google redesigned its desktop search experience to feature favicons, or preferred icons. For organic results, users will see favicons, or a brand’s icon next to the url. For ads, they will see a bolded black ad label next to the url that looks similar to a favicon.