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Innovation in Trucks Goes Mainstream

Nigerian Postal Service should go for this! Yes,  the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has  started a two-week trial of using autonomous cars to transport mail across state lines. Through a partnership with autonomous truck startup TuSimple, USPS will send an autonomous truck (accompanied by a safety driver) on five round trips from Dallas and Phoenix, each totaling over 2,100 miles and 45 hours of driving.

Autonomous cars are here to stay. A popular misconception is that all autonomous vehicles will cause massive labor shortages for the 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S. On the contrary, this initiative comes as shippers and freight haulers face a worsening driver shortage, with the American Trucking Association estimating a shortage of 174,500 drivers by 2024. The world’s greatest problems are truly the greatest opportunities for innovation and acceleration, reports Diamandis.

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That's really something cool, but it also have costs and expenses along with it, however I would still be very cautious cause people really may loose their jobs no matter what different sources wrote about that. There is way too much automation in the world. What people will do ?

You are right on the job loses - but we need to think beyond that.There are many other sectors people will find jobs. We just need to improve our productive systems to expand the economy. Then jobs will come.