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A Classic Double Play in Least Expected Sectors - Cigarette and Life  Insurance - Tekedia

Last week was filled up, I had two major test, and had a job I needed to submit. I got to know about it in a short period, so I had to squeeze out time to make sure it was done to a very satisfactory level. Immediately I finished one I hopped out of the exam hall, but because I hardly have been sleeping lately, I got tired on the way. To my advantage, I saw a lecturer of mine packed by the road-side and heading towards my direction.

Pleasantries flowed, and we got talking; from where are you coming from to how was the test, we landed to “I had an accident”. To the accident I asked thank God o, sheybi you’re covered by insurance, and I was hardly surprised by the reply. “Insurance is good but this guys here are criminals I only did third party”!

I must note, I think it compulsory you have an insurance cover and many opt for the minimum to avoid law enforcement agency sanction. Also, I am aware he did his Masters and PhD in the United Kingdom, so when he said this one here are criminal, I largely understood it was a statement of reference.

That takes me to a perdition I made earlier, I wrote that like other financial service that have gone on scale, i.e. banking, insurance is the next. Simply put, It an Age of Insurance!

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Look at it, the world is in need of Digitization- COVID made the need more obvious. That why you would hear words like digital transformation, etc. But this digital transformation is like every work of man an Imperfect fit! Thus there is need for Cyber security expert who also need insurance cover. However, nobody want to be made a fool.

Current Insurance players are seen as THIEVES. White collar bandits! That even unlearned street “alarjor” have scale than them. Simply, they have built trust!

Nevertheless, I see a future in Insurance, and 5G would play a huge role in it.

Good morning.

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