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MNCs - Get Nigerians Involved

This is a product launch photo in Nigeria shared by Guardian today. What do you think is wrong with the optics? Also, what do you imagine to be the company growth strategy? They are in Nigeria to sell copiers and printers. They did a big launch and the cameras did not capture a single Nigerian as an executive!

In today's Nigeria, no business with that mentality has any chance in Nigeria. 1980s and 1990s are now history: MNCs came and struggled. But from 2000s, many started using indigenes and they are doing far better. From Google to Microsoft to Dell, country managers are now largely Africans.

That you can do a product launch with 100% foreigners on the big man table shows lack of awareness of your new market. As I noted few years ago in Harvard Business Review, every business is local – get the locals involved even though our laws allow 100% foreign ownership .


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