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More Secure Internet On The Way

This should be globalized: if you make it mandatory for people to change the default passwords, Internet would be more secured. Simply, unique passwords will make it nearly impossible for some of the mass-distributed trojans and malicious systems to perpetuate at scale.

California has signed into a law a bill that will require manufacturers of Internet-connected devices to create unique passwords for each device made or sold in the state. In other words, manufacturers of said devices can no longer use generic, pre-programmed passwords like "admin" or "password" to secure their products. If they do, customers have the right to sue for damages. (Fortune newsletter)


Internet Privacy is a real issue in this day and age. There are countlless cases each day where there was breach of privacy. The international cyber security needs to step up and play their part in making sure that the data of people is safe. What do you guys think?

You are correct - it is a big issue. But the fact is this: it is better to afford a phone for $70 (Android) than wait until you can afford $700 to buy an iPhone. Google uses ads to make tat $70 possible. The question is this: would you prefer to have a village where no one can use a phone and enjoy 100% privacy than one where they could give some to afford the phones? The ad-supported business model of Google enables many opportunities. Sure, we need to fix any abuse but we need to put these things in context.

This is a very good law that has been made by the California authorities. There have been many incidents where people have been robbed of their intelectual property by the hackers and scammers. We need to help the consumers in protecting their data and valuable assets.