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My Generator Is Bigger Than Yours!

Eliminate These Issues Before Capping Estimated Billing in Nigeria’s Power Sector

Pity NERC (Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission). It is at war with everyone. It had a great tariff, and investors showed up for privatization. Then the court ruled Not Here, get back to the “old tariff”. With the current tariff, many investors do not see long-term value creation opportunity. Sure, government is managing the paralysis – but the harmattan will be long!

In this piece, Mutiu Iyanda throws some conditions before government can cap estimated billing. He has his numbers. I must confess, that is a new dimension. Yes, do not restrict estimated billing unless conditions are met.

I am very lucky: national grid is the second backup in my office. With two generators, no one really cares until we actually care as the neighbors now have bigger gens. Yes “my generator is bigger than yours”. Did you read Nkem Nkwankwo’s “My Mercedes Is Bigger Than Yours “in secondary school?