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Nigeria continues to invent ways to tax

Nigerian Government to Introduce Additional 5% Tax on Telecom Services

Nigeria continues to invent ways to tax its people and companies: “As Nigeria’s revenue shortfalls bite harder, the federal government has been seeking alternatives to the dwindling oil revenue that the non-oil sector has failed to upset. The Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, disclosed that the federal government has finalized plans to introduce additional 5% tax on all telecom services, including calls, SMS, and data services.”

By 2027, my prediction remains that Nigeria will abandon more than 10% of its federal universities or sell them off for cash, unless we change our ways.

No matter your party or who pays your nkwobi, amala and zobo, it is time to understand that Nigeria’s political leadership must come up with new ideas as the current ones are not helping the nation.


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