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We Need Chinese Startup Accelerators

The balance of technology innovation is stabilizing (not shifting) and we have to recognize that big time in Nigeria: it is the rise of the rest, and China has grown up in tech. While we continue to revere Silicon Valley [nothing wrong with that; it deserves it], it is very important we find ways to get China in the game. I think besides largely hosting U.S. incubators and accelerators in Nigeria, time has come to bring Chinese entrepreneurs to also inspire. China is putting huge numbers and we cannot pretend we are not noticing.

Didi Chuxing, the Chinese ride-hailing app that is Uber's biggest rival overseas, has raised another $4 billion to aid its international expansion. Softbank and Mubadala Capital, a state fund of Abu Dhabi, both participated. Didi said it would use the cash to buy a fleet of 1 million new-energy vehicles (NEV) and the expansion of charging infrastructure ... It means that Didi has raised nearly $10 billion this year alone. (Fortune Newsletter)

I do believe that we can learn from the Chinese on how to build modern tech companies. They are doing so well, and we have to find ways to understand them. When one startup (Didi Chuxing) can raise $10 billion in a year,  it simply means all the stars have aligned. The template that makes that possible must be institutionalized because it is working. Silicon Valley looks stale in some ways; China has the freshness at the moment. The Chinese makers need to be our teachers.

I do not know how much information or knowledge transfer the Chinese are willing to share with anyone. Those guys seem to be less open and sort of maybe always have a way of infusing their culture in all they do. China maybe very difficult to understand, majority of its successes are homegrown. Yes, every country tell lies, but I think China is more economical with truth. Maybe they have changed a little...

Great thought sir, but it's really difficult for us really learn from these Chinese. Unlike tech and biz creators in the US and other countries, Chinese do not share knowledge, their language is a barrier, they just don't do many things or share as much knowledge as others do.

You are correct but that is not an excuse. We have to adjust to find how to learn from them. When one company can raise $10 billion in a year, with most of the funds coming from outside China, it means there is something learn-able there.