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The Nigeria’s National Livestock Database

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Nigeria wants to build a national database for livestock: “The bill for an Act to ‘establish national livestock and management (protection, control and management etc) bureau’ scaled second reading on Tuesday.” Certainly, it would be a great call in the animal farming space. But do not bank on it - Nigeria has been unable to count, identify and document humans, and any idea that it could suddenly thrive on doing the same on animals is hopeless. Yes, while animal identification & management is certainly important, it may be better we just focus on humans at this time with the limited resources we have. Get me right, I am not saying that this bureaucracy is not important, my point is this - it is a distraction!

The Senate is considering a bill that will create a database for livestock.

The bill for an Act to ‘establish national livestock and management (protection, control and management etc) bureau’ scaled second reading on Tuesday. It is sponsored by Bima Enagi (APC, Niger South).

The legislation is aimed at solving the challenge of animal identification and management by establishing the National Livestock Bureau for the purpose of livestock identification, traceability, registration, cattle rustling control and livestock disease control.

It's not about getting you right or learning why creating one more fraudulent bureaucracy is not unimportant, but more about not advertising empty skulls without brains inside.

Where else have you seen a society with so much problems yearning for solutions, yet you have the managers searching for ridiculous things to add to the existing towering layer of unimportance?

The same people who have demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubts that counting 1 2 3 is such a complicated science here, same people with no clue on how many kids are produced here daily, and out of nowhere, they will develop immense capacity to be able to count goats, cows, fowls and crickets? We pay people stupendous amounts to legislate, but they have constantly made it clear to us that their expertise lies in movie scripting; so it's left for us to make another call.

When you are shameless, everything you do seems spectacular.