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Not Attending any Event in Lagos

Tekedia Unveils “Tekedia Corporate Town Hall and Consultancy with Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe”
It is happening very often and I need to appeal to the perpetrators to stop. Do not use my name and lure people to register for your events. You hurt people who spend time and money traveling, hoping to connect. For the record, I am not attending any blockchain event in Lagos. I am not attending and that means I cannot be there in person. Do not register on the strength that you will see me.
I feel bad when people travel from Kano, etc to Lagos, etc hoping to meet me, only to be disappointed - and then write back: “I spent my small money hoping to meet you. They said you canceled”.
The painful aspect is that, most times, I am not even aware of the event. Let’s stop this as it is not helping our community here.
Update: And may I add - I am not coming to Owerri . Prof Ndinechi is my professor in FUTO. He put that comment in Facebook. Apparently, I am also coming to Owerri. Ignore.
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